Infinity Mirror

Trying something new this post. I was inspired by a book about sentences called Several Short Sentences About Writing by Verlyn Klinkenborg. Who knew learning about sentences could be so inspiring! Let me know what you think.   Unsure, I enter. I’m surrounded by darkness. I see lights by myRead More

A Call for Sleep

Walking through the dark construction zone of my now demolished kitchen, I made my way to the garage and out into the still, hot, humid July night. The air felt so thick, it was hard to breathe. At 1 am I was headed to the hospital for a patient thatRead More

Letting Go

My husband and I turned into a hidden driveway that wound us into a wooded area ending at a small house. The trees showed signs of the approaching Michigan winter, with only the pines keeping their green hue to color the otherwise brown scenery. As we got out of ourRead More

Bringing in the New Year

January will mark my one year anniversary of this blog! Wow! What an incredible journey so far. It all began with the dragon, Poonam, who pushed me into participating in an online writing class last fall. I had been dabbling in writing for years, but didn’t know where to goRead More


“Breathe in slowly, deeply, giving fresh energy to your body. Breathe out, releasing any tension from your day. In… 1…2…3…4… Out… 4…3…2…1…” I try to follow the yoga instructor, but in my post-call fog, I struggle to let go of the last 24 hours. We begin by sitting poses toRead More

Go Pink

This post is a little different than my usual, but since it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought addressing typical patient questions would be more appropriate. Back to my regularly scheduled stories coming soon.   Hey ladies! And you gents too! Everyone is affected by breast cancer, either personally or byRead More

Too Close for Comfort

After working for months with the editors, I am proud to say I am the featured writer this week in Pulse, voices from the heart of medicine. Here is the essay : Too Close for Comfort In addition, I also have a piece published in this month’s More Voices section, theRead More

After Birth

This is came to mind as a sequel to my last post, Birth Plan.   For days on end, she looked out of the bedroom window, rocking her baby back and forth on her glider. The maple tree waved at her daily as the breeze came through its branches. Gradually,Read More

Birth Plan

While cramming in the miles before my 9th Detroit Free Press marathon next month, it’s not surprising thoughts of how my personal and work life overlap came to mind.    Giving birth and running a marathon. They are two seemingly different entities, but really have many similarities. The inevitable pain,Read More


I have been working on this essay for some time now. It has been difficult for me to convey in words this complex issue of physician patient relationships which, to me, is the crux of the art of medicine. I’m not even sure the title is accurate, maybe “fear” orRead More