Infinity Mirror

Trying something new this post. I was inspired by a book about sentences called Several Short Sentences About Writing by Verlyn Klinkenborg. Who knew learning about sentences could be so inspiring! Let me know what you think.


Unsure, I enter.

I’m surrounded by darkness.

I see lights by my feet, so I follow them.

Into another room. It is lined with mirrors.

I stare at myself. The first one I look short and fat.

The next mirror, tall and lean.

I continue down the row of mirrors. Undulating, monstrous, glamorous, numerous reflections of myself.

Then, more lights on the ground, directing me to another room.

An infinity mirror. Infinite reflections of myself.

Me at 13 reflecting me at 55 reflecting me at 13.

Back and forth I stare.

I see similarities – emotional, unsure, searching.

But I also see…

Me with smooth skin, perky breasts, luscious brunette hair. And me with crows feet, sagging body, grey masked by my hairdresser.

Hormones revving up. Hormones sputtering, stalling, fading.

Me full of possibilities but not knowing. Me knowing, but… are there still possibilities?

Back and forth. A journey in opposite directions.

I am pushed to move on.

The 13 year old me leaves first. Taking with her the hopes, the dreams, the angst…

“No! I will not let you go!” shouts the 55 year old me and tries to grab her.  But she walks out of view.

I am left with…

The last mirror. It is the clearest. Reflecting only reality.

I see a woman brimming with hopes and dreams and angst. A woman filled with wisdom and honor encased by a body worn and scarred and softened by 55 years of life.


Yes, there are still many possibilities.


14 Replies to “Infinity Mirror

  1. I loved these sentences and the words within them. Together they painted an entire picture that I, at 82, felt, recognized and understood.

  2. So true!! each of us can look back and see all the versions of ourselves behind us and yet still a part of us!! Beautiful writing!!

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